Four Types of Video Content That Would Benefit Your Business

Video content seems to become more popular every year, with social media platforms offering more and more opportunities to share videos. This means that it's a fantastic way to reach a new audience and promote your business. This guide explains four types of video content that could really benefit your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's likely that people have questions about your brand, products, or events, and video content is a great way to answer them. Find out from social media, or from looking through your email inbox, what people want to know, and create a video or videos to answer their questions. This could be a long-form, chatty YouTube video where you talk in-depth about what you do, or a short-form video that answers one question. Ask your video production agency what the best strategy would be. Make sure the content is appealing and will make the user want to buy — for example, if someone asks if your cakes can be gluten-free, don't just say "yes", but go into detail about how you make the cakes gluten-free, and also what other dietary needs you cater for.

Videos of Your Events

If you create events rather than products, or even sometimes do events such as craft fairs, a video of your events is a great way to get people excited. Show what happened at your event, including shots of people having a great time, and maybe even interviews that show how much people loved the event!

Demonstrations of Your Products

It's important that people know what your product is and how it works, so a demonstration video might be useful. Ask for help from a video production expert to create a calming, non-distracting set to film your demonstration, ensuring that the viewer can clearly see or hear what is going on. If your viewers can actually see the product working well, they're much more likely to buy.

The Story of Your Brand

It's important to build a story for your brand and company; it makes people more likely to trust you, as well as differentiates your brand in customers' minds. It may also appeal to their personal ethos if you aim to serve a certain community or operate your business in an eco-friendly way. A video of you explaining why you started your business, how it all began, and what motivated you can really make a connection with potential customers — and people tend to love story-based content!

Whether you want to share a personal story that led to your business, demonstrate your products, or answer some questions, video content is a great way of marketing your business. Try working with a video production and content agency to create videos that serve your unique needs. For more information on video production, contact a professional near you.

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